TUCKS® for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Morning sickness, fatigue and weight gain are just a few of the unpleasant side effects pregnant women may experience. Unfortunately, many moms also experience hemorrhoids, which are swollen, itching varicose veins in the rectum that develop most commonly during the third trimester or after childbirth.

Swelling, pain and soreness in the vaginal and rectal area can also occur after vaginal delivery. This may be caused by a tear during delivery or receiving an episiotomy (an incision caregivers will make between the vagina and anus to prevent tearing).

Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads offer immediate relief from the burning and itching caused by hemorrhoid flare-ups. The safe, gentle formula contains witch hazel to soothe and protect, while the soft pads are ideal for use on sensitive areas. Tucks pads also work well for cleansing outer rectal and vaginal areas.

Additional Tucks Tips:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fiber and drink lots of water to avoid constipation.
  • Don’t strain when having a bowel movement.
  • Get as much exercise as possible and avoid sitting or standing for extended periods of time. This takes the pressure off the rectal area and increases blood return from the lower half of your body.
  • Consider doing Kegal exercises daily. Kegals increase circulation in the rectal area and strengthen the muscles around the anus, decreasing the chance of hemorrhoids.
  • Apply ice packs to the swollen area, or soak in a warm tub of water or a sitz bath for several minutes.
  • After every bowel movement, thoroughly clean the affected area. Try using Tucks Medicated Pads or a peri bottle.
  • Tucks pads can also be used as a moist compress by lining a peri pad or sanitary napkin with Tucks pads.
  • If you are not getting any relief or if the condition worsens, speak with your OB-GYN.

Available in
40 count and 100 count jars