TUCKS® Multi-Care Relief Kit

Ingredients and Directions

Product Description

Tucks Multi-Care Relief Kit covers the full range of needs in a high-value kit for hemorrhoids
and severe rectal pain.

Tucks 5% Lidocaine Cream

  • Maximum strength provides hours of relief
  • Strong analgesic effect takes care of severe pain
  • Protects skin from rubbing, helps promote healing
  • Contains calming colloidal oatmeal

Tucks Witch Hazel Pads

  • Instantly soothes and cools burning, itching and mild pain
  • Ultra-soft pads gently cleanse sensitive areas
  • Can be used as a moist compress for extended relief

A Great Value
0.5 oz tube of cream and 1 jar of 40 Tucks medicated pads in one convenient kit

*Lidocaine cream should not be used vaginally.

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